Unleash Your Sexual Energy Challenge

Failure to Harness Life Energy

Many men face a common challenge: the struggle to understand, harness, and focus their innate sexual energy. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook the power and potential of this life force, leaving us feeling lost and alone in our struggles. This struggle often manifests in issues like premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction, and low libido which can have debilitating effects on one’s confidence and well-being. The journey into our sexual lives can be fraught with pressure and anxiety. Often, this path is marked by disappointing mishaps and hurtful comments from partners, leading some to withdraw from sexual experiences altogether or get pulled deep into porn, fantasy, and masturbation.

Dissolving Sexual Shame

I’ve learned from my own experiences that we don’t have to keep feeling ashamed about our sexuality. With the right tools, we can boost our confidence and feel better about ourselves. Practices like yoga and breathing exercises help men develop a more fulfilling relationship with their sexuality. Good communication is key for healthy sexual relationships, both with ourselves and with our partners. This means being able to talk openly and respectfully about what we want, what our limits are, and any concerns we might have. Doing exercises that focus on enjoying sensations and feeling good can help men connect more with their bodies and have better sex without worrying too much about how well they perform.

Building Sexual Confidence

Sexual Confidence is the base of all confidence. It is what drives the world and humanity. When you feel you can control your sexual energy, you show up more confident in your world. The way you walk changes, the way you enter a room changes – people notice this. Feeling grateful for the sexual energy you have is a great way to attract the new things you want in life. Doing this with other men builds connection and gives us all a place to bring the best from each other. Do it for yourself and your new brothers.

In this Challenge we will

  • Create a safe space to talk about difficulties around sex and the expectations we feel as men.
  • Commit to a morning routine to start each day pro-actively instead of re-actively.
  • Learn breath techniques to first wake up energy, then to feel it move in the body.
  • Learn 4 different exercises to circulate energy and to relax the pelvic bowl muscles (Kegel and Reverse Kegel with breath, 3 yoga poses that release tension, microcosmic orbit, The Big Draw).
  • Learn to be our own King/Captain when the urge to ejaculate quickly comes onStrengthen our sex muscles (PC muscles) to have more control when we are close to the edge and to bring us to multi-orgasm.
  • Feel your arousal point, and learn how to back down or to stop and move the energy around your body.
  • Learn practices to strengthen erections.
  • Make an agreement to not watch porn for the length of the Challenge.

About the Facilitator

The Challenge will be facilitated by Coach Kevin Gault.

This is a Challenge that comes from my greatest wound. When I first started my sexual life (at the age of 23), I felt a lot of pressure and anxiety around intercourse. What followed was some very disappointing mishaps and harsh comments from partners. This led me to hide from sexual experiences for many, many years. 

After learning that “Porn” style sex wasn’t what I really wanted, I found different books, teachers, and workshops that have changed my view around sex, intimacy, and loving myself. Come open and learn and share with other brothers so that we heal and feel powerful together!

Challenge Details

  • The start date is Thursday, May 23rd at 12:00 am UTC
  • The Challenge will meet 8 times
  • A private group will be available for Challenge members to share, respond, and receive support and accountability
  • Membership will continue to have access to the private group after the Challenge wraps up.
  • All calls will be recorded and the recordings will be available for group members for 30 days after the meeting.

The subscription is a one time payment of $99 USD for the entire 8 weeks and will be in addition to your Integration Nation member subscription.

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