The Atomic Habits 6-Week Challenge 2.0

If you’re anything like most people, you read (or listened to) the book, you loved the book, and… you don’t remember anything! 

A quick poll of friends who read the book, found that not a single person could recall the 4 Laws of Habit Change! In other words, the book is full of great information but it’s not written to truly teach people to build “good” habits and break the “bad” ones. That’s where this Challenge comes in! 

If you’ve never heard of Atomic Habits, the book is one part personal development and one part lessons in human nature. Written in 2018, Atomic Habits is a #1 NYT best-seller and has sold over 15m copies worldwide! On Amazon the book has 4.8 stars on 120k reviews!

Taking a self-help book and actually implementing its teachings can be a transformative experience. It’s one thing to read a book and gain knowledge, but it’s another to actively apply the principles and create real change in your life. 

By teaching and discussing the concepts from a book like Atomic Habits within a Challenge, we can take the ideas further and explore how they can be put into practice. This collaborative approach allows for a deeper understanding of the material and provides accountability and support as we strive to incorporate “atomic” habits into our daily lives. Through sharing our experiences and insights, we can inspire and motivate one another to make meaningful progress on our personal development journeys.

 👉 “Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development.” -Jim Rohn (Author & Motivational Speaker. 1930-2009.)

Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results

Habits are essential for shaping our lives. Habits automate our behaviors, making them effortless and consistent over time. 

“Good” habits provide structure, routine, and discipline; eliminating the need for constant decision-making and conserving mental energy for more important tasks. However, good habits seem to last as long as our will-power.

“Bad” habits, on the other hand, can hinder our progress and lead to negative outcomes, long term. Bad habits often involve behaviors that are counterproductive or harmful to our well-being. They can be difficult to break without conscious effort and intervention.

Understanding the importance of habits and harnessing their power is key to personal growth and success. Our daily routines shape our future, and by leveraging the science of habits, we can create intentional change in our lives.

 👉 “You cannot hope to make progress in areas where you have taken no action.” -Epictetus (Greek Stoic Philosopher. Died 135 AD)

About the Challenge

The Challenge will be teaching you the following curriculum through pre-recorded videos, weekly homework, group quizzes with Kahoot, and group sharing on Zoom.

  • Foundation
    1. The Importance of Habits
    2. “Good” Habits: Immediate Pain
    3. “Bad” Habits: Delayed Pain
    4. Choose Your Pain
  • Pre-Work
    1. Identity
    2. Self-Awareness
    3. Ideal Day
    4. Environment
  • Building “Good” Habits
    1. Obvious
    2. Attractive
    3. Easy
    4. Satisfying
  • Breaking “Bad” Habits
    1. Invisible
    2. Unattractive
    3. Difficult
    4. Unsatisfying
  • Keep Going
    1. Embrace Boredom
    2. Continuous Process
    3. Recover Quickly

Upon registration, you will immediately receive access to a 23-page Reference Guide. This download is a condensed version of the book (think, Cliff’s Notes). Use this Reference Guide at any point to start learning and retaining the material.

Furthermore, the Challenge will be used for accountability, group problem-solving, inspiration, and connection through common goals.

About the Facilitators

Jesse King is based in Austin, TX and is currently in his last year of Graduate School to become a Psychotherapist (after working in the fashion industry for 12 years). Jesse’s long-term goal is to help make emotional health as common and de-stigmatized as physical health.

David Nienhaus is originally from Düsseldorf, Germany and is now based in Oaxaca, Mexico. David is a digital nomad who enjoys movement practices like Martial Arts and Qi-Gong. David’s mission is to help people reign over their worlds by owning what is and changing what can be.

Challenge Details

  • The Start Date is Tuesday, Apr 23th at 7:00 pm UTC
  • The Challenge will meet 6 times. Once a week on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm UTC for 60 mins.
  • A private group will be available for Challenge members to share, respond, and receive support and accountability
  • Membership will continue to have access to the private group after the Challenge wraps up.
  • All calls will be recorded and the recordings will be available for group members for 30 days after the meeting.

The subscription is a one time payment of 90 USD for the entire 6 weeks (15 USD per week) and will be in addition to your Integration Nation member subscription.

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