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Just a dude, helping other dudes be better dudes.

From the scenic clifts of Oregon City and just outside the city of Portland, every day I am on a daily mission: Helping other men live lives of love and integrity.  My credentials are a master’s degree in counseling psychology paired with over a decade as a therapist and a passion for coaching men. But my proudest moments aren’t just about credentials; they’re deeply personal and are born from my pain and recovery.

Years ago, the weight of alcoholism, addiction, and internal turmoil saw me lose everything: my marriage, job, house, and bankruptcy. It’s a suffering I intimately understand – that sinking sensation of having your life’s pillars crumble beneath you. Yet, I am now living my best life from that abyss, driven by a resolve to reconnect with my inner integrity. I have the love of a wonderful wife, celebrating a decade together, the pride of owning our dream home overlooking the Willamette River, But most of all, the joy of making a difference in the lives of other men.

Diving deep into the world of “Nice Guys,” inspired by the insights of Robert’s work, I’ve dedicated myself to men caught in the whirlwinds of addiction, divorce, and the paralyzing grip of shame. If my life is evidence of anything, it’s this: any man at any moment, can find his way back to love, success, and joy through integrity.

Outside my work, I’m a self-proclaimed pottery nerd. Inspired by “The Great Pottery Throw Down,” I dove into pottery post-COVID and built a pottery studio. Yes, I even made the pilgrimage to Middle Port Pottery, where my favorite show is filmed.

But beyond all, my guiding star remains a simple yet profound belief: Integrity is the path back to love. Looking ahead, my vision this: to inspire a million men to embrace this transformative truth. If I could rebuild from the ashes, so can any man willing to embark on the journey.


125 Deerbrook Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045, USA