All The Available Calls in Your Gold Membership

Here is a brief description of the different types of calls available to members of the Gold tier of Integration Nation.

Brotherhood calls

When: Every Thursdays at alternating times every other week (90 minutes: Alpha Call – Thursdays 6:00 PM UTC, Omega Call – Fridays 1:00 AM UTC)

Typically led by Dr. Glover himself, the Brotherhood calls are the highlight of the week for most members. These calls have a variety of formats, including:

  • Impactful lessons from Dr. Glover.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMAs) sessions with the Doc.
  • Monthly guest INterviews with powerhouses like Mark Manson, Warren Farrell, and John Wineland which include Q&A sessions for members.
  • Grounding and meditation practices.
  • Breakout rooms with other members to reflect on the lessons of the call.
  • Lots of Q&A.
  • Dance! We always dance at the end of these calls.

Video recordings of these calls are accessible in the library for two weeks. Audio recordings of Dr. Glover’s lessons and the Practices are available for 30 days. Q&A audio clips available for 90 days.

Tribe calls

When: 8 Tribe calls available every week

Tribe Calls are facilitated by teams of NMMNG Certified Coaches. Members can sign up for as many calls as they wish or make one or two their home Tribe based on what is convenient for their timezone. Many members are regulars on more than one Tribe Call.

These calls are designed to feel like men’s groups. Each Tribe Call follows a similar format that includes grounding practices, brief conversation starters by one of the coaches, and extended breakout rooms with 3-4 other members to go deep.

Each Tribe call has developed its own distinct culture and personality over time. Here are some unique things about each Tribe Call.

Warrior Monks (Sundays, 4:00 PM UTC)

The Warrior Monks led by Founding Coach Sidharth. Men have often described this call as their “Sunday church,” and the regulars do not miss it for anything. Typically, the largest Tribe call of the week, the Warrior Monks offer a space to really show up, be challenged, and be supported. The calls go deep into NMMNG principles and issues related to masculinity. They are also known for their deep embodiment practices, led by assisting Coach Michael MJ. Coach Sid is also assisted by NMMNG Certified Coaches Shawn and Marcum. Check the day and time in your time zone on the Integration Nation INteractive calendar and RSVP a call and drop in on the Warrior Monks. 

Thunder from Down Under (Mondays 10:00 AM UTC)

The Thunder From Down Under Tribe is led by Founding Coach Alex Moore and assisted by NMMNG Certified Coaches Peter Campbell, Pavel Borisov, and Dan Abdelnoor. Many of the members of the Thunder From Down Under Tribe have expressed how they love kicking off their week with this Tribe call. They say it actually makes them look forward to Mondays! The calls are an open forum for the men to share their wins and struggles – which gives them a very appreciated opportunity to be heard, celebrated, and supported by the other members. RSVP now.

Sons of Integrity (Mondays 6:00 PM UTC)

Looking for a reason to love Mondays? Look no further! With Sons of Integrity, Mondays just got a whole lot better. Led by Founding Coach Jesse Busch and supported by Coach Jay Scott and Jason Lange, Sons of Integrity offers a refreshing start to your week. Our focus is on fostering connections among men and the pursuit of creating a “great cake of a life”, with the MVPS template: Male Friendships, Vigorous Exercise, Passionate Living, and Scary Shit!. While we tackle serious issues, we do so with a sense of camaraderie and light-heartedness. If you’re eager to join a community that blends purpose with having a great time, come join Sons of Integrity!

Mavericks (Tuesdays 3:00 AM UTC)

The Mavericks meet every Monday, led by Coach Jay Scott and certified coaches Alex Moore, Kevin Gault and Tim Watts. The Maverick tribe in a nod to the unbridled energy and freedom of the wild horse sprinting across the open plains.  The courage of the fearless surfer climbing the highest waves to test his abilities directly in the face of fear.  It’s making your own needs a priority, acting in an independent way.  A maverick doesn’t do what’s comfortable, he doesn’t settle in as part of the herd.  A maverick leads the way by being true to himself and invites those around him to follow along and only asks that they stay true to who they are. Explicitly encouraging, the Maverick tribe is committed to exploring what it is to be our authentic selves with curiosity, trust, respect, compassion, in a safe non-judgmental space where we encourage everyone to be just as they are.

Silverbacks (Tuesdays 2:00 PM UTC)

The Silverback troops can be found in their natural habitat of Integration Nation every Tuesday. Led by Founding Coach Faisal K, the chest-pounding communion is not fighting for the Alpha spot, but all are climbing high to become Alpha leaders of their own troops. Alpha in this group means Always Leading Purposefully, Honourably, and Audiciously. These primates are intelligent, loving, and protective. They aspire to do better and become charismatic masculine beasts.

Hell Yes (Wednesdays 12:00 AM UTC)

If you’re tired of half-assing life, A Tribe Called Hell Yes is the antidote. Every Tuesday join Founding Coach Dr. Ari Graff and Certified Coaches Vince Vaughn, Joe Marsh, and Tim Watts for wisdom, irreverence, and unfiltered talk about our lives.  In our tribe, we keep it real with you about our triumphs, our heartbreaks, and our hard won insights.  Hell Yes means fully committing, taking risks, opening to new ideas, saying yes to new opportunities, giving your full energy and enthusiasm, and embracing all the fucked up, beautiful things that make you unique.

Circle of Kings (Wednesdays 10:00 PM UTC)

Welcome, sovereign brother, to the Circle of Kings, where noble spirits unite to reclaim masculine energy and ascend as leaders. In this brotherhood, we embark on a quest for authenticity and strength, confronting the dragons of doubt with resilience and wisdom. Our council is a fortress of support, where each king’s journey is honored. Together, we navigate our inner kingdoms, guided by the light of our highest selves. Join us, brave noblemen, as we don our crowns and embrace the adventure of becoming the integrated warrior kings we are destined to be.

Krewe of Man (Fridays 8:00 PM UTC)

Need a big f*cking stick upside the head? Join founding coach and author of The Big Stick, Tony Endelman, and certified coaches Kevin, David and Philip, every Friday for the Krewe of Man tribe call. In the Krewe of Man, you’ll almost certainly get a big stick upside the head, delivered with radical honesty, laugh-out-loud humor, and brotherly love. Its name inspired by Tony’s adopted home – New Orleans – Krewe of Man provides a safe, supportive, let-the-good-times-roll environment for all participants. Come get funky with Krewe of Man, each and every Friday at 8pm UTC.

Member Drop-IN calls

When: Twice every month on Thursdays (60 minutes)

Typically led by Dr. Glover and Coach Sid, these calls are designed to welcome new members but also have a bunch of veteran members drop-IN to casually connect with new and prospective members . The calls have a warm and casual vibe to them and a place for members to get any questions answered about Integration Nation.


Your Gold Membership comes with an option to drop-IN into any of these Circles for free.

NMMNG Reading Circles

Led by Coach Vince and Coach Karl, there are 4 of these calls available throughout the month to read NMMNG together and discuss the concepts in the book.

NMMNG Breaking Free Activities (BFA) Circles

Led by Coach Kevin and Coach Michael MJ, there are 4 of these calls available throughout the month to dive deep into the Breaking Free Activities from NMMNG.

Masculine Embodiment Circle

This is a weekly Circled led by Coach Michael MJ. In the Circle we will learn and practice exercises aimed at helping men connect with and embody their masculine energy, identity, and qualities. These practices are designed to build a deeper understanding of one’s masculinity incorporating traditions like Pranayama (Breathwork), Yoga, Qi Gong, Mindfulness and others.

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We understand that sometimes life gets busy, or finances become a concern, making it difficult to maintain your current level of engagement with Integration Nation. We value your membership and want to ensure you continue to benefit from our community, even if your circumstances have changed.

We’re excited to introduce our Silver Package as a flexible and cost-effective alternative. For only $15 per month, the Silver Package allows you to stay connected and engaged with the essential resources you love, including:

  • Access to the most recent Brotherhood Calls: Stay updated with the latest insights and discussions.
  • Access to the Timeline: Keep track of important events and milestones within our community.

Additionally, if your situation changes and you wish to return to the Gold Package in the future, you’ll be able to do so at the original price you signed up for, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the premium benefits you previously enjoyed.

For more detailed information about the Silver Package and its benefits, please click here.

We hope you’ll consider downgrading to the Silver Package instead of canceling your membership entirely. This way, you can continue to be a part of Integration Nation at a more manageable level of involvement and cost.

Thank you for being a valued member of our community. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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